Air Brush tanning

Organic Bronzing Station is a company that prides itself in being dedicated to be 100% Organic & Vegan. Our passion is providing the ultimate bronzing experience that will offer instant gratification to your skin. Packed full of organic, skin nourishing ingredients, that will help camouflage unpleasant stretch marks, acne, and cellulite. Organic Bronzing Station guarantees a flawless rich brown tan every time leaving your skin feeling hydrating and looking luminous. We also carry an organic line of products including delicious lotions, deodorants, extenders, sugar scrubs, sunscreens, and are best selling on the go airbrush spray bronzer. All of these products support your skin's individual needs while keeping your natural glow, and maintaining a safe and healthy skincare routine. Our products are made with minimal ingredients, no parabens or preservatives, and are made from the highest quality ingredients found around the world.

Organic Bronzing Prep Instructions:


  • Shower, exfoliate your entire body with an oil-free liquid body scrub, and remove any body hair 8-12 hours before your spray tan
  • Skin should be clean and dry before being sprayed. No deodorant or make up.
  • You must also be careful to avoid razors with an added moisturizing strip before each spray tan.
  • Please put your hair up in a ponytail or bun.
  • Please be sure to wear lip balm, lip-gloss etc., when you come in for your appointment.
  • When exfoliating, pay particular attention to areas on your body that tend to be rough or dry. For most people this is the elbows and knees. Also, make sure to scrub the back of your legs and calves. Skin can build up on the front and back of the neck as well, so scrub well. These areas tend to be uneven if not scrubbed properly.
  • All waxing, facials, or massages must be done at least one day before tanning!
  • Wear dark, loose fitting clothing to your appointment and while tan develops. When receiving your spray tan, you can wear a bathing suit or dark underwear.


  • Wait a minimum of 6 hours and up to 12 hours depending on desired color before showering
  • Avoid sweating and exercise until after you shower
  • If sleeping while your tan is setting, make sure to wear long shorts or pants so that your hands are not touching your body/legs
  • Apply Oil Free body lotion after showering and try to apply as often as possible
  • Do not take long hot baths or showers
  • After showering, make sure to blot your skin dry lightly with your towel, this will help tremendously with extending your tan
  • Chlorine from a pool can cause your tan to fade faster
  • Exfoliate thoroughly before your next session
  • Avoid lotions with mineral oil/petroleum

These products can lighten or make your tan uneven

  • AHA products (alpha hydroxy acids)
  • Anti-acne products that exfoliate and dry skin (antibiotics)
  • Bar soaps
  • BHA products (beta hydroxy acids)
  • Body hair bleach products
  • Bug spray, perfumes, body sprays when applied directly to the skin (instead spray clothing)
  • Curel Lotion & Dove products will make your tan fade faster
  • Eye make up remover
  • A women's tan may develop different during various hormonal changes (menstruation, ovulation, pregnancy)

Client Testimonials

Great Massage & Facial!
-Kelly Nowlin

The massage and facial was awesome!
The staff was very respectful and professional!
-Manny & Yurly

Great First massage & facial, very comfortable & relaxing!

We enjoyed the massage and facial.
Very relaxing and wonderful experience. Thanks!
- Anthony and Maura

The massage and facial was amazing.
Best experience! We will be back!
Loved the champagne and chocolate also
- Daniela and Radu