Feel new with our gentle, soft and thinly coated waxing.

Our thinly coated wax is warmed to your perfection, and is lightly coated on your skin with a soft cloth as a quick and painless method to hair removal.

Our waxing system is extremely effective and much more efficient than shaving your legs every other day. Each time you wax you are reducing the maximum amount of hair growth every time that you come into the spa for the treatment.



Benefits of Waxing

Waxing reduces the amount of hair growth after each treatment, and the hair follicles that do grow back is much softer and easier to remove.

Having a professional wax eliminates the potential for highly irritated skin.

Our spa preps the skin by exfoliating, this way the hairs are lifted off the skin and it is much easier to have a quick and painless visit.
• Over 90% of patients have seen reduced hair growth.
• All returning customers experience a pleasant visit with minimal discomfort.

Client Testimonials

"I always dreaded waxing, but the system here is minimal pain and it has now become a part of my daily routine."

"The thinly coated wax and application leaves there little room for escaped hairs, they are very clean and efficient here at Red & White Spa!" -Caitlin, New York

"Being a naturally nervous person, it was always more difficult for me to go get a wax treatment because my follicles were never relaxed. However the technicians at Red & White Spa made me feel so comfortable, and reassured a successful and painless procedure. I've been back ever since!"

"Waxing is not my ideal spa treatment, but the environment at Red & White Spa was so calming and natural I didn't even feel like I was there waiting to receive a waxing!"
-Amy, New York