Raving Fans

Took a gamble using Amazon local, wow, the facial
(European) experience with Rea was exquisite! Yes,
she has put this 60th street spa on my radar. And I’m
happy to recommend her and the spa with my friends
and family. Rea’s experience and technique really
place her on an exceptional level, given my past
experience with spa treatments. Also love the
energy and feel of the 60th street spa! I felt
relaxed throughout and thank God – no sales
speech on the products! Just excellent and
relaxing service. I’ll be back!

Got this on Groupon – so I knew it was either going
to be awesome or terrible. Luckily, it was awesome.
You walk in to this little chic room and there’s a
waterfall, chocolate truffles and sleek white leather
couches. The receptionist is really friendly. As for
the massage: literally in my top 3 (of my LIFE). I had
Anna, who made just the right amount of small talk at
the beginning and really did such a thorough job.
- Carrie

Deep tissue massage was AMAzING! My entire body
was looked after! What can I say, but I felt like a new
person. My arms, legs and back felt awesome – I
didn’t want it to end. Thank you so much for
making my first time ever massage a memorable

A wonderful experience. Amazing facial, felt radiant
afterwards and even without makeup! The massage
was pleasurable, so relaxed after that I didn’t even
want to leave. Thank you!

This is my 3rd time and I wonder how it is that each
massage gets better! Mario was very professional
and applied the perfect technique. Will be back again!

This is my first time here and I could not have been
happier and more relaxed with my massage. Such
a great place! Everyone is so friendly and attentive
and one of the best massages, if not the best I’ve
ever had! I will definitely come back here!

Had a wonderful massage and facial – absolutely
loved both. Rea was excellent! I will be back!

This was my first session! When I heard the word
“massage,” I did not have a clear idea about how
good it would be. After this session, I feel so good
that I wouldn’t mind doing it again.

My friend gave me a Groupon for an hour massage,
champagne and chocolate. Massage is by far the
best of the three! I can’t remember when I’ve felt
this relaxed! Anna, was phenomenal. Thank you!

I had a facial with Rea. The experience is incredible.
She is very good, delicate and professional. I highly
recommend her. The spa is very nice, clean and calm.
The service is excellent I will repeat my experience
for sure!
-Ali Laxo

Second visit here and it was definitely worth coming
back. First time was great, second time fantastic!
-Anna & Rie

Stressful day turned into a lovely butterfly and flew
away on a moist wind. Happy and Calm. Like a
sleeping baby, which I was. Anna was amazing
and strong and gentle. It was a good day after all.

The perfect place for when you need serenity now.
Life is full of the moments that are not always so
great. But we have the power within to make a
difference for loving our bodies more and that’s
what I came here to do. Once you align the physical
the mental will follow. Lynn P. gratefully rewarded
by Life’s simplest pleasures.

Great atmosphere and amazing staff. Felt very
relaxed and calm. Thank you!

What a wonderful experience! Who would have
thought this small and secluded place would be
such a powerhouse. I had a massage and facial
with Ana, and whoa! Top that with champagne
and chocolate? Who can beat that??

Fantastic massage – overall a very luxurious and
pampering experience.

I had a wonderful massage today by Ruth – just the
right touch. I also enjoyed the serenity of the spa,
it’s a very peaceful place to relax with nuts,
champagne, and chocolate. Thanks!

First visit to the spa, very impressed. Lovely,
relaxing atmosphere, therapists both very good
and friendly. Will definitely recommend to friends.
–Nicole C.

Massage and facial excellent! Wonderfully relaxed.
Thank you!

Amazing massage, located tense spots, perfect
pressure, loved it!

A really fantastic experience all around. Will
definitely come back ASAP! Thank you!
-Kerry R.

Mario massage – 10 out of 10. Very great
experience. Cristine facial – 10 out of 10. She
was very gentle. I will definitely be back.
–Faye R.

Wonderful service and atmosphere. Great place to
come relax. Loved it.
–Sara & Nick

Turning 27 and experiencing a great 1st massage
all in one day is unforgettable! I enjoyed how
comfortable the masseuse made me feel; every
aspect of massage was catered specifically to me.
Thank you for truly allowing me to relax and
providing a comfortable and serene environment,
including the warmness and attentiveness of all staff.

Wonderful service and so relaxing. Thank you!
-Debby, Sara, Gina

Sweedish massage was just what I needed. Full
body massage was perfect! Sigh the hot towel!
Mario was really good. Will definitely come back!

Today I got a facial but also received a massage
by surprise. I was very satisfied and feel wonderful
now. Thank you!

Facial & Massage was fantastic. Took care of all our knots. we will be back!
-Raui & Nadia

Great Massage & wonderful Facial, very relaxing! <3

Wonderful Massage & Facial. Celebrating Life!
-Quita & Leslie

Massage & Facial was great. Put us to sleep. Very relaxing. Thanks a lot!!

Very Relaxing Massage, Facial is great too. Staff are very nice and warm. Recommended!

Lina did a wonderful facial, and lenny relaxed all my muscles loved it!
- Kara

Anna and Nina are the best! Thank you so much! We will be back!
-Jefferson & Sarah

The Massage was absolutely wonderful! Great after work Finish

Amazing facial & Massage for us both, you will see us again
- Shawn & David

The entire experience was relaxing & peaceful. From the moment you walk in the door through to the very end. My massage was amazing & truly eased all previous pain. I can't wait to return! Thanks for amazing night!

It has been quite some time since my body has felt so light and in balance. It was amazing to feel the stress release straight from my back and my should, and by the time the massage was over it even felt easier to breathe. I hope to find this feeling of harmony more often we all live in pain for too long.

One word … Amazing!! The staff is beyond attentive & friendly, and the services are delightful. Truly a “VIP” experience! It took Groupon to get my here, but it's their atmosphere that will keep me coming back!
Thank you!
Natalia M.

Josette was fantastic. So friendly and accommodating. Her footwork was amazing. I would definitely come back.
Thank you.
Amanda C.

Lenin was great. He was very professional and knowledgeable. He gave me a great massage.
Natalie H.

Very relaxing massage put me to sleep! Staff was very friendly and welcoming.
Thank you!
Janice L.

Great atmosphere, friendly staff, tranquil environment on 3rd Ave. Hard to believe both facial and massage were wonderful and I intend to be a regular. How can I not! It's across from Bloomingdales.
Shop> Stress> Relax! A perfect day!

Amazing experience overall! I was happily surprised when, after the massage, I got an additional massage from the esthetician. Thanks again! I feel so much better than I did before my treatment.

Great lighting & music. Matt did and amazing job.

Ruth was wonderful she was very sensitive my needs. I would definitely recommend here & have her again for my own massage.

Vicky was excellent. She did a wonderful facial & this was a very pleasant experience for the first time. I definitely with ask for her again.

The welcoming staff was very friendly and we felt very comfortable. The massages were excellent.
Thank you!

Lovely place, quiet and relaxing.

Friendly atmosphere, very relaxing and great massage!
Jamie A.

I thank my daughter Jessica. First time here and felt as if I've been here before. The hospitality was very welcoming and not say the facial it was amazing!
Thank you!

Great Service & good price. Very accommodating. A wonderful experience.
- Maggie & Christian

5 Stars :) Great Service. The massage was the best part. Absolutely loved everything.
- Maria Henriques

My overall experience was incredibly relaxing and enjoyable. Friendly staff, welcoming and calming atmosphere and excellent, skilled massage therapist really lift me with a positive feeling about my experience.

Very polite staff, relaxing rooms, nice lobby with different waters and snacks. Good experience.
Michelle S.

Professional, Chill atmosphere, calming, relaxing, lovely overall.

Loved it. Such great strokes. Liked the way Anna mixed up the strokes - very nice and relaxing. Definitely a good, good, massage. One I' sure to come back for.
- Karlene

I treated myself for my 40th birthday, and everything was wonderful! Anna was very kind and the massage was terrific. A great way to spend the morning! Thanks so much!

Great service warm & relaxing atmosphere.very enjoyable. Be back soon!
- Suzan & Will

Had a wonderful &pleasurable time. Will be back :)
-Diana Baskeavelle

I had a very wonderful relaxing experience. This was a great first time and I'm sure I will be back time and time again. Staff is welcoming and friendly and massage therapist was attentive and amazing! Thanks.

Amazing! My first full body massage and I am hooked! Great Service! Great people!
- Simon & Carca

Good massage. Good technique for arms & legs. Enjoyed that's the most! :)
- Marian

First timer for massage, and loved the experience. Thank you for the advice that was given. Great technique and service :)
- Nesha

Wonderul experience very gentle on face for facial, full body massage tranquil.

Great! Great! Great! This place is the best. Facial & massage was totally relaxing. Will come back for sure & recommend to all my friends!
- Mary O'Brien

Leni you did a great job on my lower back! very good facials. Vance- Thank you for a great neck massage.
- Steven & Tammy

Leni was awesome Great! I do not hesitate to give a recommendation& Nina was excellent with the facial. &the service was so great.
- Alexander

Was a wonderful experience! After a pretty terrible experience, my husband bought me the massage & facial for Mothers day! Amazing, relaxing! I will be back! Wonderful, courteous staff! Thank you for helping to alleviate my corporate America stress!

They were patient, warm, and friendly!

Very sweet and friendly ladies. Definitely made me feel very comfortable and relaxed.

My massage therapist was soft and gentle, but yet hit the right spots with perfect pressure. My body feels relaxed and soft after the massage. I wish the session last longer.

Great place, excellent massage, well organized. It was fantastic.
- Alan Zygielman

Amazing. Perfect pleasure, pace, focused on what I asked.

Massage went really quick but definitely enjoyed it. Everything was ON point when massaging. Facial was amazing, very relaxing, great!
- Joyes Hernandy

The massage was fantastic and very relaxing. Pleasant experience.
- Kyle Smith Davis

The massage was really nice, really hit all the right spots. Very nice experience overall.
- Bill Zeligter

The staff is friendly and very sweet. They want above beyond to make us feel welcome. Lenny gave me an awesome massage and he was very knowledgeable. Rhi was sweet and accommodating for my facial.
- Lindsay R. Mermell

Great experience, perfect location
- No Name

Great job. Thank you. Will recommend.
- No Name

A great massage and facial already made me feel younger and more gorgeous
- No Name

Great hands, firm pressure. Asked lots of questions. Made me feel very comfortable.

Very professional, made me feel very comfortable, first time facial but I enjoyed it very much!
- Nina

Service was great! Very friendly and comfortable environment.
- Meagan

Great atmosphere, wonderful staff. Will definitely come back again.
- Christine

One word; “AWESOME”! The service was great, the massage and facial was heavenly!
- Christopher & Wendy

1st time experience of facial with Nina were wonderful. Massage was excellent, too. Definitely coming back for more. Very relaxing!
- Janel & William

Best Birthday Messages and Facials. Thank you for your services J
- Darlene and Marisa

Awesome message and place is so delightful and relaxing. Coming back soon.
- Tony & Dina

Staff are very welcoming and the atmosphere is sane. My facial was relaxing and the massage was awesome!
- Tracey

Thank you. Feelings so much more limber! Thank You very much. J
- Antonio & Miho Sato

Job well done! Massage & facial was amazing!! Thank you so much for your amazing service.
- Christina & Lio Carrasco-Rosado

It was my birthday gift and really enjoyed it. Super relaxing!! Thanks to my best friends J
- Luisa

We walked in like zombies and walked out like our new selves. What a relaxing experience, thanks to the hard work of the staff.
- Angel & Monica

It was an anniversary gift for me and my husband and it was a great experience. Definitely will recommend to friends and family!
- Pete & Denise

Best massage ever!!!
- Rishi & Rosanne

Massage was amazing! This was my first facial
and I will definitely be coming back.
- Vivianna Schwoerer

Massage and Facial was great, we are coming back.
- Erik Gordos

Definitely worth every penny! The staff
was very friendly & welcoming! Thank
you for a lovely evening :)
- Ashley Watson

The massage was great! Matt covered all my problem
areas. The pressure was perfect.
- Natalya Brodsley

The massage was wonderful.
I love it. I feel so much better after.
- Mayra Perez

Very Relaxing.
- Keri & Esan

The massage and facial was amazing.
Thank You! I will be back to do this again.
- Shirliy Walker

The Service here is absolutely wonderful & the
atmosphere is incredibly relaxing will definitely
be back soon! Thank you!!
- Jessica Kvasie & Sameh Fahim

The massage and facial was wonderful very relaxing
we will definitely be back soon!
- Ahmed & Malessa

Quick & easy laser removal. Thanks for taking great care!
- Juanita D.

Amazing! Thanks A Million! So happy
you partnered with Groupon!
Consider us your family now :)
- Jessica & Leo

Wonderful massage & Facial! Groupon deal was great!
- Clair Marash

Great Massage & Facial!
- Kelly Nowlin

The massage and facial was awesome! The
staff was very respectful and professional!
- Manny & Yurly

Great First massage & facial, very comfortable & relaxing!
- Bruk

We enjoyed the massage and facial.
Very relaxing and wonderful experience. Thanks!
- Anthony and Maura

The massage and facial was amazing.
Best experience! We will be back!
Loved the champagne and chocolate also
- Daniela and Radu

What a great massage – I feel like I have a new back.

Great massage and facial. Very nice and very helpful. Loved it.

I had a great excperience! Ric was very gentle. I would definitely come back.

Great massage and wonderful ambiance and location. My achy body thanks you.

The facial was wonderful and the massage was also great. Wow I felt so comfortable, I fell asleep! Thank
you very much I need this, will come again!

This was my first experience with doing a facial and massage. It was amazing. I feel like a new person. I would definitely come back and recommend this place to friends and family. Thank you very much.
–Melissa Santiago

This was my first time here. Rea did a really good job. Deep facial was relaxing and my face feels clean. I would recommend this place to my friends. Thank you.

Massage was very relaxing! I was looking for a great massage for my birthday and this was perfect! I will be back and tell my friends about it.

My daughter bought me a massage for Mother’s Day when I came to visit her from San Francisco. It was very relaxing and I enjoyed it very much. The service was excellent as was my glass of champagne.

Very nice, relaxing massage. The foot massage machine was a lovely surprise!

Amazing, amazing, amazing! My man and I enjoyed are massages and facials. Very smart and professional. Would definitely come back, thank you!

Very relaxing facial – took away the worries of the day. Thanks!

Great time, great place…now I can go rule the world more relaxed!
-Jacklyn G.

Gina, massage therapist, highly recommended. Very skilled and perceptive. Thank you.
–Anne M.

Very relaxing and very friendly environment. We look forward to coming back again. The champagne and chocolates were a nice surprise!
-Cait & Anthony

Service was wonderful. Professional and thoughtful staff. We loved all the extra little details added to our experience. Thank you! We will definitely be back.

The Sweedish massage with Ruth was fantastic. She had magic hands and I enjoyed it very much. Worth every penny!
-Maritza H.

The experience was just wonderful. As I received the massage my mind wandered to a peaceful paradise, also as to how she learned such great technique was amazing.
–Melanie H.

The experience was lovely. I enjoyed the smaller setting because I find the staff pays more attention so details and contributed to the wonderful experience I received today. Made me feel comfortable and sexy and I love the way I look and feel!

I found the experience to be highly relaxing and therapeutic. Both women were excellent. I especially found Anna to be quite intuitive about areas that needed special attention. Thank you for a lovely experience.

My massage was excellent. She was mot afraid to apply pressure, which for was is necessary. The facility has a wonderful atmosphere & everyone was very friendly. Thank you so much!

My massage and facial were amazing. My skin has never felt so soft! The staff were incredibly professional and nice. This was my first pampering experience and I thought I'd be uncomfortable laying in only my under wear and having a stranger touching my legs but she made me feel very at ease and natural. The facial was very insightful was well! Thank you for a fantastic first experience.
K. Keifer

Our couples massage were fabulous, facials were terrific as well! Thanks for everything!
- Dana & Edwin

Lenny got all the knots out of my back & neck he was very good
- Mandy Cantor

Very Relaxing, Anna was very good.
- Leslie Cantor

Lenny was awesome! Just the right pressure & very professional!
- Jeny

Fantastic! This is the place to go if you're looking for a kind & generous staff, a calming ambience & knowledgeable massage therapist. Already looking forward to my next appointment.
- Michelle, the desperate Jersey girl. May 6th 2012

Had a spectacular massage with Matt! He managed to work out the kinks in that problem spot in my upper back with out leaving me wincing. Warm, welcoming, and nurturing staff too. I'll be back as soon as my schedule allows.
- Maria

So relaxing both facial and massage. I felt like a new person after. I would definitely return.

Both the facial and massage were wonderful. It is the first time I got a massage where I didn't tense up because it was too rough. I feel refreshed & will definitely come back!

Loved it! Especially my wife. Great bunch of friendly staff and really good at what they do. Feels comforting right from the merchant to walking in the place.
Thank you!
- R.

Great experience! The perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon. I would recommend it to anyone.
- P.

After a very frazzled day it was a peaceful oasis. Professional and extremely accommodating staff. The facial was so relaxing. Thank you!

Me and my friends really enjoy the spa. It's been a very long time since I have had one. Now I feel really relaxed. Thank you!
- S.

Warm & welcoming from start to finish of our couples massage! Love the small details choice of mater, nut selection, champagne and chocolates!
- Eddie & Deanna

Anna was wonderful ! The right pressure & very professional I had a very wonderful time.
- Anna

Crystal was great very professional & thorough. I got a facial and she did a great job, Definitely coming back!!
- Crystal

She was awesome. She applied just the right amount of pressure and provided me with specific advice for any personal problem. She also recommended a product for a solution, She made me feel relaxed and comfy.

It was a great experience. The staff was nice & competent. The decor is nice & its clean.
- Rachelle Lais

I always enjoy the powerdermbrasion. Nina is wonderful and the staff is always very nice
- Iliana Valdez

We had a great experience. Tony was a great massuse and the facialist was great too!
- Tiffany Yang & Lukasz Sowinski

An amazing expierence. Tony gave one of the best massages I ever had. I will definitely be back.
- Lora

It was my first time & it was a wonderful expieence. The staff was super! I will be back.
-Georgia Hylton

It was my second time here and the deep tissue massage is amazing! ! :)
- Shaeika Campbell

It was my first time and it was everything I want I will be back the massage & Facial was great I really enjoy it thanks!
-Janice Morgan

This has been a wonderful experience. So relaxing!! Both the massage and the facial were great! The staff was extremely attentive. I will definitely recommend and be back.
- Gabrie

Debbie's Hands are like magic! I 100% more relaxed after her massage. Definitely will be a weekly relief from the stress on the job. My sore, stressed muscles are eternally grateful.
- T.

Debbie was dream! She asked for trouble areas. Pressure was perfect & she was a delight! I will be back.
- L.

Matt did a fabulous job. He really got in there!
- Jennifer.

Thank you!
-TomasinaSalcedo/ ReynorSalcedo

Madeline was great. She was very considerate and checked regularly. I loved the questionnaire at the beginning of the session, very detailed and helpful.
- A.

Thanks for Everything! :)
- Chris & Jill

Massage was great!

Massage was great. Thanks so much for the hospitatlity.
-Alysha & Charese

Great massage, really enjoy. Facial was wonderful. thank you so much.
-Marlene Framcillon

Relaxing enjoyed it! Thanks so much :)
-Caroline Dun

Thank you very much
-Amanda S.

Vance was fantastic, great expierence.
-Zsraida Lopez

Very excellent. Thank you!!
- Carmen Mendez

It was great! Thank you
-Duten & Banco

Great job of facial! My face is clean & clear :) and the massage was wonderful. My body is very relaxed kudos to crystal &vance :)
-Joelle Sidial

My boyfriend and I enjoyed the experienced. Massage therapist are qualified and have techniques.
Matt & Maddie

It was very relaxing and enjoyable, Gary is an host who cares to his clients every need.
- Rachael & Falyn

Wonderful relaxing experience. Thank you!
- Linda K.

I would like to congratulate everyone for such a wonderful job. Since I walked in , I knew it was something different. Thank you so much!
- Vilma

This is my first Mother's Day and after all the work and stress of being a mom, a new mom. I couldn't have asked for a better relaxation experience. I feel ready to take on mother hood! Rie was so kind and gentle; she has the most talented hands. I will surely come back again and again! Thank you for the best Mother's Day ever!!
- Ivelisse.

Perfect Mother's day surprise or any day treat. Almost like a paradise escape, but in Manhattan. I will be back very soon.
- Veronica.

I had a wonderful time. The service was amazing!! I brought my mother here for Mother's Day and I received way more than I expected. I will definitely be back, and will gladly refer this spa to others.
- J.

Got an offer from groupon for Mother's Day, took the offer and I'm glad we came. It's very relaxing and the staff was very friendly and the atmosphere was wonderful. We will definitely be coming back again!
- Victoria D.

This was my very first time at a spa. I was scared at first, but once I entered the room I felt relaxed confortable the service was nice and the staff are friendly and kind. I like it very much, A very excellent job.
Thank you so much.
- M.

Everyone was so mice & lovely to me. Thank you so much! It was a great experience.
- Diane

Fantastic atmosphere, staff and massage highly recommend! Nap time! The massages are great. You have to come I feel like a new person!!
- Sandra Ramirez

The therapist ana knows her stuff. I'll be coming again.
-Regine Plummer

Chrystal and Matt were fabulous looking foward to my next visit.

Crystal & Anna are excellent! Thank you so much!
- Theresa

It was really good. I think Nina is very, very good specialist. Thx.

Facial was amazing and massage was also. Will be back.
-Elaine Brown & Elaine Williams 

Service was top notch. Enjoyed every minute. Thank you so much.
-Lamwiy Matthews

OMG Period, point. Blank. I loved it!
-Joyce Winkler

Amazing massage + facials!
-Michelle & Kyle

Amazing. Perfect pleasure, pace, focused on what I asked.

Great hands, firm pressure. Asked lots of questions. Made me feel very comfortable.

Very professional, made me feel very comfortable, first time facial but I enjoyed it very much! 

Service was great! Very friendly and comfortable environment.

Great atmosphere, wonderful staff. Will definitely come back again.

One word; AWESOME! The service was great, the massage and facial was heavenly!
-Christopher & Wendy

1st time experience of facial with Nina were wonderful. Massage was excellent, too. Definitely coming back for more. Very relaxing!
-Janel & William

Amazing! Thanks so much. It felt great.
-Jay & Kara

This was amazing! Lloyd + I were way relaxed. We want to come back again soon.
-Asantaa & Lloyd

Great Services! Loved the massage!

Best Birthday Messages and Facials. Thank you for your services
-Darlene and Marisa

Awesome message and place is so delightful and relaxing. Coming back soon.
-Tony & Dina

Staff are very welcoming and the atmosphere is sane. My facial was relaxing and the massage was awesome!

Thank you  guys SO much for the awesome first time experience!! J
-Katherine, Ramuna & Emiha

I enjoyed the facial & massage. Thanks for a wonderful day.
-Bonique & Anthony

It was very relaxing. Very enjoyable.

Lovely facial & massage!
Massage was excellent & very relaxing. Amazon local coupon!! J

Job well done, will be back hopefully.

Thanks for the great massage and facial. Feeling rejuvenated for school.
-Matt and Luna

Thank you. Feelings so much more limber! Thank You very much. J
-Antonio & Miho Sato

Job well done! Massage & facial was amazing!! Thank you so much for your amazing service.
-Christina & Lio Carrasco-RosadoM

Satispecha y complacida, contenta x este rugalo gu mi hija me dio, it was very nice, I feel like a new person.

Facial and massage was amazing.

Great experience, very relaxing!

Excellent massages and facials. Will definitely come back again!
-Karl & Patricia
It was my birthday gift and really enjoyed it. Super relaxing!! Thanks to my best friends J

Amazing experience, extremely relaxing! Really enjoy it!!
-Vital and Tracey

We walked in like zombies and walked out like our new selves. What a relaxing experience, thanks to the hard work of the staff.
-Angel & Monica

Best massage ever!!!
-Rishi & Rosanne

We had such a great experience, we had a relaxing time.
We will definitely recommend this place.
- Patricia and Neal

Great massage, felt amazing. Enjoyed the facial. Both were very relaxing.
- Kelly and Robert

Very friendly and caring staff that makes you feel welcomed. The service is amazing and my experience was lovely.
- Paulina Tooker

The massage was amazing and I enjoyed the facial. Just what we needed to start the week right.
- Jawhar and Aracelis

Service was great! Very friendly and comfortable environment.
- Meagan

Your massages & facials are amazing. Thank you Ana, you were super sweet!
- Jas & Jay

The staff is always kind and the service here is great!
- Monica Serva

Deep Tissue (Strong) was very relaxing & my sore shoulder now feels better.
- Kettlebill

This is the best spa ever! Excellent customer service and spa service. Would definitely recommend to friends.
- Amy

An oasis on Queens Boulevard!
- Adile

Our massages and facials were wonderful!! We had a great experience & would love to come back.
- Fallon & Johnny

Super relaxing , great experience will surely be back for more.
- Darwin

Loved It! Has the couples massage & facial package & it was great. My boyfriend fell asleep!
- Samantha

My boyfriend & I had wonderful services. We will be back.
- Kara

Massage with Ana was great. She had the right touch and it made me feel very relaxed - will come back again.
- Jenny Jen

Everything was great. Service was A +
- Matt & Chick

Feeling like a new person. We loved it - Thank You!!
- Audry & Brandon

What more can a girl ask for? Massage, facial, champagne and chocolate! Everything was super. Thank you!
-Irina & Rina

Very relaxing! I enjoyed the experience very much. I plan to do it again!

Excellent, will come back!
-Erwin Protter

An overall wonderful experience. I was surrounded by positive energy the entire time.

Thank you for the lovely massage! Coming here was a pleasure! Everyone is so kind and friendly, it was the perfect place to take my sister for her 18th birthday. Thank you for everything! I can’t imagine how you could improve! I’ll be back.
– Brett

The service was excellent. Toni was very kind and great at his massage. The facial was soothing and relaxing.

Very relaxing. Everyone was so sweet and nice. First facial ever (won’t be the last), amazing! She had great hands and allowed me to know what was going on. Excellent.

Rei does a really good job at facials. The whole experience was very enjoyable!

Very relaxing and the people are welcoming. Facial felt great on my skin – the best!
--S. Began

What a wonderful way to spend a Tuesday! Wonderful experience!

I had a phenomenal facial followed by an equally phenomenal massage. Wish I could spend the day, great and relaxing environment!

Wish I lived closer (from Michigan) wonderful experience!
-Kaity M.

Wonderful facial, wonderful staff, thanks so much!
-Amber M.

Great service – excellent deal! Thanks so much.
–Amanda W.

Terrific facial and very relaxing. Great deal. Thanks so much, will be back ASAP!
-Mariah & Jen

Amazing massage! So polite and everyone was so kind for my birthday! They gave me flowers which was so nice and I am definitely relaxed. She worked out every knot perfectly! Thanks so much! I will be back!

My mom and I had a duo massage and facial. The room we had for the facial was a little too tight with the machines but the facials were good. The massages were very good – too short! We could’ve gone another hour, next time. Lacey, receptionist was very attentive as well. One of the best Groupon deals we had!
-Violet & Maria

Excellent massage, really located main trouble spots and released tension there. Feel much better, thank you! -Shannon

Had a great time. Great ambiance, friendly staff and good service. What more could you ask for!

Two friends enjoying a wonderful spa day – chocolate and champagne – The best day for a long time!